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Penn’s Seed: The Awakening is a long-form documentary about the life and legacy of William Penn, an early advocate of religious freedom and democracy.


This film explores the historical contribution of Penn to the foundation of the United States, but more importantly explores how the latent legacy of Penn’s commitment to global peace and religious inclusion currently emerging in both national and global contexts.


Unlike many others, Penn developed deep relationships and successful treaties with the Native American Lenni Lenape tribe.  As a Quaker he was committed to nonviolence and a global cooperative of nations who would refuse to solve disputes through violence.  This film explores his early life, what he stood for, and his vision for the New World.

Much of Penn's vision for what became the United States was lost along the way.  But right now America and the nations of the world clearly stand at a crossroads.  This film explores the lives of people and nations who are choosing peace not war, religious inclusion rather than intolerance, and truth telling as the only way to reconcile centuries of hurt and trauma.

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“That my God would make it the Seed of a Nation, a holy experiment, an example to the nations, for the nations want a precedent, that we would do the thing that is wise and just.” 

William Penn

"We meet on the broad pathway of good faith and good will; no advantage shall be taken on either side, but all shall be openness and love."           William Penn to the Lenape Chief Tamanend

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